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The Old Fashioned Wooden Go-Kart

  • The Kombi Go-Kart

    The Kombi Go-Kart

  • Kiddimoto Box Kart

    Kiddimoto Box Kart

A Traditional Wooden Go-Kart in a Single Box!

Remember the good old days when it never rained in Summer, always snowed at Christmas and postie whistled a cheerful tune... and kids traversed the streets on their home made Go-Karts?

Remember having to go out and scrounge, beg, borrow or steal the bits and pieces and then cobble them together yourself with grudging permission from your Dad. To be fair, in those Ladybird Book halcyon days, Dad always had a workshop and was quite happy for you to just get on with it as he looked on admiringly whilst puffing away on his pipe.

Most importantly, in those days, antique dealers dealt in furniture and old furniture, yet to realise the value of Silver Cross prams and their wheels, now so difficult to source.

Not to worry, here at The Wooden Go-Kart Company we provide everything you need to make a traditional Wooden Go-Kart in a single box! 

You not only have the pleasure of driving your completed go-kart, but also the nostalgic satisfaction of constructing it.

Relive the experience for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren!

Welcome to The Wooden Go-Kart Company

We manufacture our Wooden Go-Karts to be robust, comfortable and hard wearing, using solid beech hardwood for the frames and tough polypropylene wheels with solid rubberised tyres to ensure a kart that will last for years to come. 

We offer two go-kart kits for sale, our Kombi Go-Kart, a robust go-anywhere kart large enough for an adult and a child, and our agile Children's Urban Go-Kart designed especially for the kid about town, for use in smaller gardens, parks and playgrounds.

The Karts have been made to comply with the latest toy standards EN71-1 and all materials are sourced from managed forests and comply with EUTR regulations.

We also sell the Children's Box Car manufactured by Kiddimoto.


Free Delivery to Mainland UK & Wales


Free Delivery

We have plenty of go-karts in stock ready and waiting to be delivered directly to any Mainland UK & Wales address free of charge. Read more about this on our Deliveries page.